For Cyber Insurance brokers and carriers

Access new clients and improve servicing by working with MSPs/MSSPs.

Cyber Insurance

The threat landscape has become more dangerous, and cyber insurance is costing more and covering less.

our approach

We work with the insurance community to access clients and data from MSPs/MSSPs.

Best-In-Class Clients

Find premier clients, utilizing the best cybersecurity and employing third-party cybersecurity expertise, in a distribution channel outside of the competitive insurance brokerage model.

Inside Data

Through security assessments and active monitoring systems, we can help brokers and carriers access unique, inside-the-perimeter data held by MSPs/MSSPs.

  • Accurate mapping of technology and security stack (including configurations)
  • Evaluation of security governance and awareness training
  • Third-Party corroboration and insight into client's cybersecurity posture
Better Client Servicing

MSSPs already have significant data on their client's cybersecurity posture. We make the client's buying process easier by using the MSSPs and their data to complete any applications or assessments that brokers or carriers require.


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