Cyber Insurance

We partner with your MDR provider to give you a full cyber risk solution.

Cyber Insurance

The threat landscape has become more dangerous, and cyber insurance is costing more and covering less.

our approach

We provide premier cyber insurance to the clients of our MDR partners.

Marius gives you credit for your MDR service by delivering cyber insurance coverage with superior limits and terms at an affordable price.


Up to $5 million in aggregate limit of liability.


Premier cyber insurance coverage exclusively for companies with superior cyber postures.

Remediation & Response

Marius works behind your MDR provider to remediate your data breach. We assist your MDR and remediation providers to identify, investigate and respond to a security threat. We also have relationships with top partners to provide legal advice, notification & call center services, credit & identity monitoring, among others.

Coverage Features

Marius provides comprehensive cyber coverage, including:

  • Breach response services
  • First-party loss
  • eCrime
  • Criminal reward

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