Cyber insurance for mdr users

A better approach to cyber insurance

Affordable, comprehensive, best-in-class cyber coverage for customers employing Managed Detection & Response.

Next-Gen Viruses

SysJoker, xPack, Sugar. Threats continue to evolve.

Expanded Remote Attack Surface

Continued growth in remote work and schooling

Cybercriminal Service-for-Hire

Developing industry forattacking victims and negotiating payments

Wider Focus

Criminals shifting from ‘big-fish’ to smallertargets

First Line of Defense

Managed Detection & Response

Our MDR partners keep or Insureds in front of any cyber threats that try to attack their system.

  • Continuously monitoring network traffic
  • Identifying security gaps
  • Remediating security issues
Last Line of Defense

Cyber Insurance

For clients protected by our MDR partners, we are able to provide you with best-in-class cyber insurance coverage in a simple manner.

  • Premier, comprehensive coverage
  • Simple pricing and options
  • Streamlined application - we fill out the app for you
Max Annual Revenue/Budget
Max Policy Limit
Use MDR Security
Work with our partners to utilize MDR protection for your organization.
Get a Quote
Once you're protected, we fill out an app for you to get you premier cyber coverage.
Bind your Policy
Obtain policy forms, access your dashboard, report incidents, and work with our MDR partners to stay secure.
MDR providers

Offer affordable coverage to clients using your services

Insurance Agents/Brokers

A new, alternative capacity provider for risks that are difficult-to-place or have existing claims/incidents

Financial Service Providers

Ensure that your clients have best-in-class protection from ransomware and data breaches


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